Morning routine for Anxiety - Cultivating stillness through stretching, breathwork and meditation

Heres a full morning routine we did daily on our Bali retreat;

Stretching - Breathwrok - Meditation.

The routine was designed specifically for ANXIETY, to help people cultivate and develop a peaceful place within as a resource for when anxiety arises in daily life.

Yoga - The stretching was focused on the fear reflex, so hip openers for the psoas muscle, and somatic awareness of the spine.

Conscious Trance Breathwork - I round of Wim hof method breathing, activating the adrenal response, followed by deep belly breathing to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, with a kind of rebirthing exhale where the air falls out of the lungs in a kind of sigh, followed by some further belly breathing with prolonged exhales to slow the heart rate down.

Meditation - Strengthening the and deepening the practice of peace and stillness as a resource, playing with the symbolism of light and its relationship to the subconscious. Focused attention and awareness on the point below the belly button - "The Hara" in Japanese martial arts.

Music from the video

1. Magical mistakes - It's cold and beautiful

2. Jon hopkins - Open Eye signal

3. Jin Yerei - maquecan toniram

4. (My Remix of ) Native didgeridoo - spirit of meditation

5. Confidence building Subliminal Music - Brainwave Entrainment