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Morning routine for Anxiety - Cultivating stillness through stretching, breathwork and meditation

Heres a full morning routine we did daily on our Bali retreat;

Stretching - Breathwrok - Meditation.

The routine was designed specifically for ANXIETY, to help people cultivate and develop a peaceful place within as a resource for when anxiety arises in daily life.

Yoga - The stretching was focused on the fear reflex, so hip openers for the psoas muscle, and somatic awareness of the spine.

Conscious Trance Breathwork - I round of Wim hof method breathing, activating the adrenal response, followed by deep belly breathing to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, with a kind of rebirthing exhale where the air falls out of the lungs in a kind of sigh, followed by some further belly breathing with prolonged exhales to slow the heart rate down.

Meditation - Strengthening the and deepening the practice of peace and stillness as a resource, playing with the symbolism of light and its relationship to the subconscious. Focused attention and awareness on the point below the belly button - "The Hara" in Japanese martial arts.

Music from the video

Thanks to all who participated and stretched out those horrible bits, breathed through those intense bits and sat quietly to listen to me mouthing off about inner peace.

Big love 💙

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