Perception Architecture Radio #2b - George Bertelstein - Love Medicine and Prayer

This is the second part of the conversation with George, it's been a real pleasure speaking with this guy, so much to learn about how to love well. One of the things I enjoy most about George is how clear and simple he makes things, his book; "A clear and simple prayer" is very aptly titled. I've thought quite a lot about this conversation and will listen to it again and again I'm sure.

Below is the little bit of about George you'll find on youtube.

George Bertelstein is a relationship counsellor of 30 years operating out of Berkeley, California, the spiritual leader of Medicine Path Native American Church and Author of 'A clear and simple prayer - Self healing and the path of unlimited love, peace and happiness.' I got the chance to speak with him on what the medicine teaches us about love, giving up things that don't support you and doing things in a good way. This episode is full of gems, for people who have a hard time with their minds and often forget what's important, this is something to bring you back to the ground and into the heart, which is a great place to be!

If you want to know more about George and what he does you can check out his website here: