BReathwork sound Journeys

What is it?


Mixed breathwork sound journeys are a tool used to explore and integrate the psyche from the perspective of an alternative state of consciousness.


Inner dance breathwork

A breathwork sound journey that borrows it's musical structure of waves from both the 12 stages of awakening as taught by Pi Villaraza, founder of inner dance - Philippines, and Joseph campbell's The Hero's Journey. You could think of it like the music taking you through all the different stages of the archetypal narrative, so you can experience your relationship with that narrative on a physiological level, and observe how it's playing out in different areas of your life, for a different perspective of who you are.

conscious trance breathwork

These sessions are more snappy, shorter, and tend to be more intense, the breathwork comes on in continuous smaller waves and builds up consistently. The effects tend to be more energising like a shot of clarity, a little less introspective, although there is still a good amount of reflection that can be observed from the process.

The premixed playlists were designed originally to help me self facilitate with breathwork as the bridge between waking consciousness and the deeper levels of the unconscious. The idea was to be able to lie back, put on a mix of songs in a sequence that mirrored the narratives of twelve stages and the hero's journey, with a guide to help for the breathing and getting into conscious trance states. 

The 12 stages and The hero's journey

Below is a graphic used in workshops to represent demonstrate some of the concepts of Pi Villaraza's - 12  stages of awakening. The graphic demonstrates how the music and the breath is structured in waves, and how that relates to brainwave states.


In the workshop we go into more detail about the emotional states people go through, how this relates to the breath and the correlation with Joseph Campbell's - 'hero's journey' - A narrative structure that's embedded across cultures in stories and mythology. 

What does it do?


The breath helps access alternative states of consciousness, while the music works in tandem with the brainwave states associated with sleep cycles and dream states. 

Sessions can have effects like that of a deep meditation, and similar to that of holotropic breathwork, a journey into the unconscious and deep self.

As a tool it's main benefits can be felt and observed in psychological and physical wellbeing.

People have tended to report a greater sensitivity and deeper sense of connection with themselves, feel more alive, energised and with a shift in perspective on something that might have been troubling them.

On a physical level there's a detoxification effect, alkalisation of the blood from the increased O2 uptake and activation of the body's natural release mechanisms like crying, shaking, laughing, which often precede perspective shifts and positive behavioural changes.


It's worth noting that a lot of this work is still in the experimental stages. And should be undertaken at one's own risk with proper precautions in place. Please do not try while you're driving, in water, standing up or operating heavy machinery or anything else that requires focus. Pregnant women and people with high blood pressure should be take due care with the more intense breathing exercises and if for any reason you are unsure of whether it's a good idea for you to partake in it, please consult a medical professional. Ultimately people have been breathing, listening to music and meditating for as long as we know, and so in that respect there is a very slim chance of harm. But any work with altered states of consciousness is worth paying due respect to and being mindful with.

How do I do it?

It depends on the track you're wishing to follow along with as they use slightly different types of breath. And as this is still an ongoing research, there may be more or less added along the way, but as of now we use 4 different types of breath that you can view in the video below


In through the nose, out through the mouth - high in the chest, breathing into the top of the lungs, long, slow, relaxing, emptying breath on the exhale as if you're emptying a cup of water down the sink.

Breath of Fire

In through the nose, out through the mouth - deep into the abdomen, bottom of the lungs, exhale in a sharp push of the abdominals with a "ha" type sound. Much more intense.

Circular breath 

Inhale through the nose/mouth, out through the mouth. a full lung breath that continues in a circular motion with no breaks or pauses at the top (full lungs) or the bottom (empty lungs). The most intense.

WHM - (Wim Hof Method)

Short sharp inhale through the mouth, longer tapered exhale through the mouth or nose, full lung breaths that highly oxygenate the system.

para los hispanohablantes

(For the Spanish speakers)

Aquí hay un video de mi amigo Ruben describiendo su experiencia. Gracias Ruben! 

(Here is a video from my friend Ruben describing his experience. Thank you Ruben!)

(If you don't speak spanish it's unlikely you'll understand what he's saying. Sorry about that. with any luck I'll get a translation done one day. I'm still learning Spanish but it's not quite good enough yet. I think he's basically just saying it's great and he really likes it.)

IDB Mixes


Here is an introduction to the different mixes that have been put together so far. If you like the work and want to make a 💰💸🙏 contribution there's a box below, you click the button and then enter an amount in the box. Unfortunately there are no downloads as I don't own the rights to any of the music. Whatever kind of value you feel this work gives to you or whatever your financial situation is, all contributions are met with a lot of appreciation. If you have questions about them or how to do the breathing etc, please don't hesitate to drop me a line. I love hearing from people out there who are doing this work and getting feedback on their experience. Some people find the experiences quite intense, so if you're interested in integrating your process I'm happy to give you a free consultation. Message me at Much appreciation for all the contributions so far!

Ecstatic dance Mixes

CTB Mixes

You can now also listen to the mixes on MIXCLOUD



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