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01 Mixed Martial Arts

I was involved in Mixed martial arts competitions from about 24, having competed and trained in The Philippines, Taiwan, China, Thailand and The UK, holding a 5-4 record in MMA, 1-0 record in Muay thai,  also competing in multiple Brazilian jiujitsu competitions, winning medals in the Bangkok open and currently holding a purple belt.

I think I originally got into MMA to overcome fear of conflict, but also because I was angry. I think it helped me channel my aggression, and while it did give me a lot of structure and form, it wasn't until I started to do the inner work, therapy, meditation, energy psychology that I started to integrate those feelings properly and understand a bit about what deeper self acceptance actually felt like.

It continues to be a journey.

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02 Yoga

I started doing yoga around 2013. Practicing Hatha and hot yoga, then moving onto Ashtanga, its a practice I move in and out of depending on the other physical activities I'm doing, but the practice of stretching has stayed close throughout the years as a way to rehabilitate old injuries and ward off new ones.  I also find much value  in the philosophies that underpin yoga - union with all aspects of yourself. It brings up more than I had bargained for when I first got into it and is a useful ally in shadow work.

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03 Meditation

I did my first 10 day silent retreat vipassana course in 2013. I've since been on three more courses including service periods. We also held a vipassana style retreat at our project the energy school in Switzerland. I practice vipassana, metta and some other meditation techniques pretty much daily. I find it extremely grounding and centering, it's become a staple part of my life and mental health care. I can't imagine life now without it.

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