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Perception Architecture Radio - New Podcast

Promo trailer for the new podcast I've been working on. It's to include All things breathwork, bodywork, fitness, psychology, transpersonal psychology, energy psychology, movement, meditation, medicine, psychedelics, spiritual stuff, music, comedy, martial arts, whatever I'm interested in really. Interviews, conversations and me mouthing off about stuff. Basically. You'll be able to find it on Anchor, Spotify and Itunes soon.

Upcoming episodes:

# George Bertlestien of the Native American Church in Berkeley - Author, Medicine man and Relationship counsellor speaking words of wisdom on all things love, what the medicine teaches and a clear and simple prayer for your life. This one is a great chat, George has been a rock for so many in times of chaos, his message resounds truth and this is an episode not to be missed.

# Robert Glover - Author of "No More Mr Nice Guy - A Proven plan for getting what you want in Love, Sex and Life" And dating essentials for men. If you are or have ever been a passive resentful victim, a sensitive new age guy or even a people pleasing nice girl, this author will teach you how to restore that masculine balance that is actually more about being honest, grounded, loving, reliable, direct, assertive and with clarity about your life, than the contentious title suggests. This was an excellent conversation with some really interesting insight into the dynamics of the Archetypal nice guys in todays world who live passive resentful lifes of quiet desperation, why this phenomenon has come to be, and what can be done about it.

# Dan Brule - World renowned Tony Robbins endorsed Breathworker, this episode has been confirmed but yet to be scheduled. Should be a belter.

If you have any suggestions of people you'd like me to try and get hold of and squeeze for words please feel free to drop their names to me and I'll see what can be arranged.

Happy listening all 💙

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