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Episode #1 - Intro to Perception Architecture Radio

Finally, or what at least feels like finally. I think the making of this thing has really highlighted where I am on the balance between perfectionism and trying to make something of quality.

It's a short pod, it took three takes over several days. In the end it was just a case of me doing my best waffling and then cutting out the bits that were too much even for me.

The rest of this season of pods are mostly already recorded, and I think this is probably mostly about me finding my way with the format, and what works best for me and what feels most alive/interesting - I wanted to avoid it just being experts telling you what to do, but actually have some real conversations with people just to see what we might figure out. Anyway, you'll hear a mix, and you'll hear me talk about all that.

You can check the audio version on Spotify, Anchor or just here on the site, I think itunes at some point too but I don't know how that works yet.

Please enjoy!

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