Sound and Silence

Before I begin the convoluted ramble would like to say; for people asking about the music all the mixes can be accessed here for free, if you want a download link, there's an optional donation button you can go through, fill in the quantity of tracks and the amount you'd like to value each one at. Don't bother filling in your address, unless you really want me to know where you live. But be sure to include in the "Note to seller" section which tracks you'd like the link for and I'll include your email address on the permissions access. I haven't figured out a better way to do it yet...

Difficult to put into words the last couple of weeks. A deeply moving gathering (aptly called "move") for people to explore the depths of their body through movement, meditation, incredible sound journeys and more.

It's pretty safe to say pretty much all of us have difficulties with self worth, and that I'm no exception. Giving the session I felt a not so peculiar but unusually pronounced tightness in the throat, and had to put a lot of energy into getting words out of it while it was still able to make sound. there were points where it very nearly didn't.

All eyes, on me. Fuck, what if I'm not spiritual enough? What if thinking I'm not spiritual enough is not a spiritual enough thought? What if I end up manifesting not being spiritual enough because I'm thinking about not being spiritual enough and then blocking the flow by trying not to think about not being spiritual enough?

What I think I was experiencing was stepping into a projec