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IDB on the Radio 📻

This is incredibly late notice, but there will be an IDB mix on the radio tonight, 12AM central Europe time. The radio station is new and experimental, which is probably why it's willing to take a punt on a pirate like myself. But we'll raise a glass to any and all exposure 😁 🍻

The whole thing transpired from a flash in the pan session near Geneva over the weekend where about 10 of us dove into some deep breathing and emotive soundscapes. Was a lovely weekend. Very touching to be welcomed there and receive such glowing feedback from the participants. Left feeling buoyed and inspired. Particularly by the meeting with Francois, who had ideas for the further development of the IDB soundscapes, like 3-d sound design, and live instrumental feeds.

Live mixing has been a direction we've been wanting to move into for a while as the creation of an IDB Mix involves a lot layering of sounds often with quite precise timing to create the effect they have on the brain and enhance the journey. So until now we've been premixing, to also allow more focus on the facilitation through touch etc. But the idea of a return to live mixing is an appealing one and would require an extra skill set.

But the other direction we had been discussing a week prior had been inner dance radio. A wavelength that could be broadcast to connect participants globally via one playlist. We'd been imagining people lying down in several different countries, or in small circles together to move through the journeys as one. Lo and behold, one week later, the chance to develop this is dropped in our laps. Sometimes there are signs that are too blatant to ignore.

And so the mix will aired tonight, like literally in a few hours, and you can find the stream here.

And you can like their Facebook page here.

The mix being broadcast is IDB waves, for those of you familiar with this work. For me this mix is very yellow. It's a solar plexus vibe, lots of strong music, powerful delta and confrontational shadows. But it's served me greatly in times of despondency. It was born from one of those times in particular and it gives energy to that tune.

So lie back and enjoy the waves! Literally and metaphorically. Except not literally. Unless you're somewhere on the beach or something. Then do whatever you want. But you probably should be doing that anyway. And anyway it's not really my business to tell you what to do so... But do give an independent French radio station a chance. It's actually really rather good!

👽 💚

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