Violence addict

Noticing recently the effect that the way we structure our sentences has on the emotions that are elicited, and the how those repetitive sound structures held far out in the fields of our subconscious (Jesus, that's a far out sentence) or unconscious, waiting for a life situation to stimulate them so they can run their patterns.

It's been fascinating me since learning NVC to see how interwoven the way we use language is with the things we feel about our experience. And how much of how we use language is a way to objectify the world around us. It's like I'm relying on my descriptions to be some kind of constant. I apply them voraciously to processes as if they were that thing I've just said, because I've just said so.

A nice table is a nice table because I say so (and I'll contest anyone who disagrees as soon as I begin bond my identity to that). So now I forget (or never even considered) that it's a dynamic process of matter moving in slow motion, that once was air and water, then soil, then tree, then table. And albeit currently in an ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing form that meets many of my needs, it is also in long term decay to becoming probably soil again, or the constituents of some little termite colony. With any luck it will maintain its integrity as a nice table until I finish writing, after that though it can do what it wants.

But its been showing up most in how I've been feeling about other people and myself with lethal judgements like: "This person is a good person, a decent person, a nice person, a beautiful person, a truly wonderful human"

Then as the dynamic ever changing process they are, this person does something that doesn't meet my needs in the way they had been doing previously and suddenly I experience shock, disappointment and rage. "I thought this person was a decent person because they were meeting my needs, but actually it turns out they're an arrogant prick and I hate them". And instead now I believe that judgement.

I'll use this inner dialogue with others which of course means I'm using it to judge and objectify myself. Am I a nice person? Possibly, at times. Am I a dick? Also a potentiality. Do either of those definitions exist? only in my tiny little narrative. In actual reality? Not. Although they will largely shape my emotional experience with it.

So the violence comes from me, and wow it's a rush!

"Actually I think you're just misunderstanding this person..."

"No, Wrong! This person is an arrogant prick, so I win, I'm better than they are, I'm a nice person and they're not, and you're an idiot for thinking otherwise. And who the fuck asked you anyway?"

The power, the control, the intensity of the fight, the feeling of superiority, the rush of being right! A competitive energy grab that I've just nailed. If I can dominate this person convince them they're what I think they are and push their shame buttons better than they can push mine, I can make them hate themselves for what they've done and I get their energy, and I feel fucking great. Empowered. Winning.

Energy competition, consumption, and addiction to the gravity of the black holes within, sucking life force into another dimension. This is energy slavery, domination culture. As long as we're addicted to one another's energy, and the violent language we use to harvest it, this structure will probably maintain.