London tremors

Hello all, I don't often post writing here, partly because I often prefer video and my spelling and punctuation is a bit crap. But this came out of my fingers in the wake of the violence in London last night and wanted to share it.

We held an inner dance last night and I wanted to first give a big thank you to all those who attended the session. It was a deep one, much group processing and held well by everyone, even the first timers.

But it was a particularly auspicious night last night. The storms are coming, electricity and water, wind blowing away that which isn't rooted firm. Had been feeling wide open all day, a sense of something having moved, even as I write this can feel things in the body reordering themselves. One member of the group with a particular sensitivity to these things seemed to tap a pain point of the specific area we danced in, which moments after we left the building erupted in another wave of violence. As far as I'm aware everyone from the group arrived home without involvement.

Violent expressions have been increasing their intensity on this part of the map lately, the discord behind the quiver of the stiff upper lip is beginning to open up a fault line, who's fault is it? Where does the blame go? Which part of us is being targeted for scapegoating and sacrifice? Muslims, immigrants, in the crosshairs, the vulnerable escaping war-torn countries that we've been bombing, and a religion that practices humility 5 times a day, fasts, and spends their friday nights in prayer while we booze to numb our shame. Wouldn't it piss you off to be that misunderstood? A media maelstrom perpetuates a frenzied dash of finger pointing amongst the vulnerable, as we scramble to be on the right side of the fault line when it all comes to a head, dumping our emotional loads on one another through blame in a bid to be lighter. The pressure we're all under, like rats in a heated box, searing away the untrue, you, to the bare bones of your ridiculously naked self. Occasionally we'll bite, lash out, if we've no way to hold what's happening. If you're feeling this, it's for you. Breathe all the way out. Sit with the pain. Mourn deeply and absorb its power, dance, be still, alchemize, and process for the one. Sit tight, holding yourself loosely, and wait to be born. Descending through the depths of the body, the dirt, grit and slime of the human animal, covered in the filth of darkness is where the seed germinates, the red earthy womb from which green shoots appear, heart based life. Plant yourself in darkness and trust you&#x