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Tempest and The Deep (new mixes)

Hola all, here are a couple I've worked on over the las year or so, The first, Tempest, was inspired by the breakaway from London, winter swimming in Switzerland, icy conditions and emotional chaos, Tempest features one of my favourite artists of the moment, Kate Tempest, here commentary on life in the city and how people are striving to break into some deeper connection with something greater really touched me, and so as a tribute she features in this remix with a good dose of chaos to help destroy the walls that keep us detached from our roots.

The second track, The Deep, was inspired by the ocean and features some big rolling waves of breathwork. It's subtle in places and also holds within it a poem written and read by a dear friend. It's very much about connection, and connection to the water. Something I've been enjoying more and more from my time by the sea in San Sebastian. Learning to surf has been some of the best therapy, spending an hour a day in the ocean seems to be filled with body metaphors that continue well after you leave the swell. So maybe this track is a tribute to the chaos, depth and life giving quality of the ocean.

There is a new format on this page that should make it easier for people to download and contribute, if you have any issues or questions please feel free to message me. Take some time, put in quality headphones and enjoy the journey!


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