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Video diary - 2017, How to give praise without objectification, intimacy vs intensity, sex addiction

A video log about a few things, bits and pieces coming into the new year and how to use Non Violent communication to give somebody praise without objectifying them in the positive (the other side of the same coin when we objectify people in the negative). It felt important to learn how to give praise in a way it can be fully received, instead of telling people what they are (brilliant, horrible etc) we tell them;

1. The behaviour they did.

2. How we felt when we observed it.

3. The needs that their behaviour met for us.

Praise/punishment end up being the same thing in the long run as one creates the other and a cycle begins. Learning to give gratitude non violently helps us eliminate the need to punish ourselves and others, and connects us directly to what we're feeling and needing in the heart.

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