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"As close to a therapeutic psychedelic experience as you can get without ingesting something..."

If you're new to breathwork and want to know what all the fuss is about, go
If you're familiar with the work and want to dive right in to a session, here are some popular ones to start with.
Types of breath: Relaxed Rebirthing, Breath of fire, Rapid Coherent
Breathwork rounds: 3
Total breathwork time: 15 Mins
Intensity: High
Good for: High energy, body reset

Types of Breath: Wim Hof
Breathwork rounds: 3
Total breathwork time: 9 Mins
Intensity: High
Good for: Clearing the mind, energising the body

Types of Breath: Wim Hof
Breathwork rounds: 3
Total breathwork time: 9 Mins
Intensity: Medium
Good for: Energising then Calming, Meditation

Types of Breath: Wim Hof
Breathwork rounds: 2
Total breathwork time: 6 Mins
Intensity: Medium/High
Good for: Clearing the cobwebs, Clarity, Energy, Calm

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More mixes available on MIXCLOUD

I work with people who have unconscious blocks preventing them from achieving their desired outcomes.

I have more than a decade of experience working with Somatic/Energy psychology, NLP, EFT, Meditation, Breathwork, Communication and Martial arts to bring a blend of Embodiment coaching that works on re-establishing a connection between body and mind, clearing subconscious blocks, and releasing emotional stress to build resilience, find clarity and develop calm. 

If you commonly experience;

  • Nice guy/girl issues
  • Emotional dysregulation
  • Anxiety and overwhelm
  • Repressed anger
  • Boundary issues
  • People pleasing
  • Creative blocks
  • Conflict
  • Communication difficulties
  • Purposelessness
Coaching might be for you. 
Here's what people have said about it...


When I first started, I asked Tom to help me reconnect with my intuition. I can now say he did that and so much more. I started to feel good about myself and then quite unexpectedly I started to feel so much more in peace in my relationships with others. I’m amazed by it.
Thank you, Tom! Through your outstanding work, you already gave me more than words can describe. - Ana

"Tom helped me using energy psychology,  EFT, NLP, & Psych-K! He's very knowledgeable, trained & experienced, It was Truly awesome. I've paid good $$ to other professional practitioners who didn't do nearly as good a job as Tom! He has an intuitive feel for what to do, was very attentive, and took all the time that I needed. What a generous soul! I'm really grateful to him for what he did for me. He's a great guy and a truly caring person."

Cherryl Chow

"Tom was in tune and tailored everything to my needs which was awesome. He knew what he was doing and has an enormous amount of patience and quiet strength. Tom gave me the space to open up and express myself and when he listens, he really listens; not just with his ears but with everything." - Andrik Sim

I was catapulted into the deep end in inner dance. Tom brought my attention to "the space between". I'm finding it a rich and powerful way to embrace many conflicts I perceived to open endless possibilities to change and grow. This lead me to be open to my shadow self and the power which lies there. THANK YOU, you're a honey xxx - Caroline

"Best 10 day coaching with Tom in Bali in 2016. Life changing for both Alex and I . Very thankful xxx" - Rachelle

"I remember going through some of my dark corners with Inner Dance and at the end felt ashamed of having these. Tom told me I could come to him but I didn't know how, so instead he came to me and honoured the babbling that came out of my mouth. It was simple but I am grateful he initiated this gesture. Thank you for not letting me run away!" - Clem

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Inner dance sessions 


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