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Embodied Coaching
 & creativity.
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Breathwork sound journeys - Mixed breathwork sessions to boost energy, mood, creativity, mental clarity and help you become unstuck.
Embodiment coaching, somatic and energy psychology, breathwork, meditation and communication  - 1 on 1's and private sessions
energy psychology, tapping, general psychology, updates, breathing exercises, interviews and more.
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Builds, art, Writing, music
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If you're new to breathwork go here...
If you want to dive straight in, here's a video explanation of the breath...
And here are some of the most popular mixed breathwork tracks...
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Embodied coaching focuses on reestablishing a connection between the body and mind to release emotional stuckness, help connect you to your sense of direction, and live more harmoniously within yourself.
If you suffer from;
Chronic anxiety and overhwlem
bouts of depression
creative blocks
anger issues
boundaries and people pleasing
Embodied coaching might be for you.
Here's what people are saying about it...
"Tom was in tune and tailored everything to my needs which was awesome. He knew what he was doing and has an enormous amount of patience and quiet strength. Tom gave me the space to open up and express myself and when he listens, he really listens; not just with his ears but with everything." - Andrik Sim

"Tom helped me with some issues using energy psychology,  EFT, NLP, & Psych-K! He's very knowledgeable, trained & experienced, It was Truly awesome. I've paid good $$ to other professional practitioners who didn't do nearly as good a job as Tom! He has an intuitive feel for what to do, was very attentive, and took all the time that I needed. What a generous soul! I'm really grateful to him for what he did for me. And it was so much fun chatting with him about our mutual interests. He's a great guy and a truly caring person."

Cherryl Chow

"I remember going through some of my dark corners with Inner Dance and at the end felt ashamed of having these. I kind of wanted to sneak out quickly as I did not know how to put my experience into words or even didn't feel it legitimate to allow this experience to be a "positive" one that helped me open internal barriers. Anyway, you told me that I could come and talk to you, I did not know how, so you just came to me and honoured the babbling that came out of me. It was simple but I am grateful you initiated this gesture. Thank you for not letting me run away!" - Clem

"Best 10 day coaching with you in Bali in 2016. Life changing for both Alex and I . Very thankful xxx" - Rachelle

Tom...I was catapulted into the deep end in inner dance. You brought my attention to "the space between". I'm finding it a rich and powerful way to embrace many conflicts I perceived to open endless possibilities to change and grow. This lead me to be open to my shadow self and the power which lies there. THANK YOU, you're a honey xxx - Caroline

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Builds, art, writing, music.
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