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Completed trainings.

Inner dance (Philippines)


My main training has been in the area of Inner Dance Facilitation, having spent a total of around a year at the original training centre of Bahay Kalipay and Maia Eco village in the Philippines with the founder of Inner Dance.

Inner dance (UK)


SET (Simple energy techniques) 

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniqu)


After working with some of the founding masters of EFT extensively in the Philippines for our Empowering the Philippines mission after Typhoon Yolanda where we helped to spread the energy psychology practice to aid those sufferring with PTSD I was awarded an SET practitioners qualification By Steve Wells and Dr David Lake, and EFT Level one from the EFT centre London by Sue Beer and Emma Roberts. I also attended further trainings with Steve wells and Dr David Lake in Provocative Energy Therapy (PET)

TRE (Trauma Release) Exercises 


Attendance to a training course in TRE exercises with Steve Hains at Tri Yoga London in 2013.

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