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New mixes (shorter, mas intenso)

CTB - the Dawn; A pair of mixes made for Ruben Guo's podcast, featuring two endings, one slightly longer than the other one, you can give me feedback about which one you prefer. My aim had been to make something a little bit shorter, I get carried away though and keep adding tracks as the journey takes hold. I like this a lot, features some of my favourite artists and is more a physical experience, there's still a journey element but more like consistent waves, without so much the emotional delta dips. Good for detox and power.

The link to Rubens podcast is here

The one below, Camino Azul is a great morning starter, 3 rounds or 5 rounds of Wim Hof, with a way more latin mediciney flavour. This one I did pretty much every morning in November before taking a wee dip in the North Sea. My tip for it is to have a pen and pad ready by your side as each morning I did this it was like an idea was building itself through me and it would reveal a little more each day. Short and powerful. Good for creativity.

Let me know what you'd like to see more of, I'm in the process of making shorter more succinct little ones, and more relaxing meditations, I recently did a lot of intense to deep delta relaxation sessions on a retreat. I'll upload them soon and you can give me feedback on what you liked and what you want to hear more of

Much love ❤️🙏

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