The Nice Guy Syndrome

Here's a video shot with long time comrade Sebastiaan Van Der Schrier over at

The nice guy syndrome is something that was championed by the book "No more Mr Nice guy" By Dr Robert Glover. If you're not aware of what it is, it's a phenomenon of men (although it also applies across the genders with people pleasing) who embody the following traits (taken from the book)

Nice guys are givers

Nice guys fix and caretake

Nice guys seek approval from others

Nice guys avoid conflict

Nice guys believe they must hide their perceived flaws and mistakes

Nice guys seek the right way to do things

Nice guys repress their feelings

Nice guys often try to be different from their fathers

Nice guys are often more comfortable relating to women than men

Nice guys have difficulty making their needs a priority

Nice guys often make their partner their emotional centre

nice guys are dishonest

nice guys are secretive

nice guys are compartmentalised

nice guys are manipulative

nice guys are controlling

nice guys give to get

nice guys are passive aggressive

nice guys are full of rage

nice guys are addictive

nice guys have difficulty setting boundaries

nice guys are frequently isolated