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IDB & CTB types of breath explained

Here is an updated explanation of the different types of breath used in Inner Dance Breathwork and The thing I'm currently developing - Conscious Trance Breathwork. Inner dance breathwork typically uses four types of breath

1. Long relaxing Rebirthing breaths

2. Short sharp Breath of fire breaths

3. Wim Hof method breaths

4. Intense Circular breaths

These are only the types of breath I've recorded and experimented with so far, but I'm exploring more currently and the different effects they have on the body. The main difference between IDB and CTB is the structure of the music. IDB Music has a narrative structure likened to something like the hero's journey, The sessions are long, typically an hour to an hour 30. Whereas CTB is something a little bit shorter with less narrative structure to the music. It's still something in development and so is taking its form gradually.

So far I've been getting a lot of feedback for shorter sessions that people can do more on the fly, so this has been something that's been in development. It's a creative process and I'm adept at procrastination so it's been taking its time. Thank you for the continued support from all.


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