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Tapping for self forgiveness

It's been some time since I've uploaded a tapping video, but this one felt important.

I continue to use tapping daily to investigate and attack the things I believe about myself, other people and the world at large. I've been taking inspiration recently from David Goggins and Jordan Peterson on this front; on reaching for truth by grappling with all the unquestioned and untested things you hold to be true which provide you with a limiting, insufficient and inadequate sense of self.

Developing through focused repetition the perception architecture that every moment is another opportunity to train in a new neural pathway, and incinerate an old one. This work is largely a utilitarian approach to perception architecture; at least its in the process of becoming that to as it develops. Questions like "What lens would it serve me and everyone best to view this situation through?" are paramount.

A universal truth should withstand all attacks and then emerge even more resilient from the flames. By constantly scrutinising your beliefs and regularly burning off the deadwood, what you're left with is a rock solid foundation of truisms to live by. This can go a long way toward stabilising your being and creating a perception architecture that endures and prospers in the world.

In this video I explore the underlying inner dialogue concerning the necessity of self forgiveness not just to my own ends but for the benefit of everyone. Plus the consequences of neglecting the responsibility to do so.

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