Self love and breathwork

With quite a frenetic pace set by the turn of the new year, there's been little time or space to actually consider much of an orientation for 2019. This is something like a diary entry that might help me organise the architecture of my own perception, to work on the efficacy of my semantic network at letting more love into the world through my own being.

It's actually pretty easy to feel exhausted thinking about this. And there's been quite some back and forth within about goals vs flow. Should you take aim and move toward something? Or should you follow the cosmos and let it put you in it's divine place? I haven't reached many definitive conclusions on this, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. One thing I've noticed for sure though, without anything to be done or something to aim at and haphazardly stumble towards, the capacity for stagnation is alive and well within me. Like if there's an easy way out I'll take it. I've observed how I work in that way.