Inner dance Paris reflections.

So recently we co-facilitated an inner dance teacher training in Paris alongside good friend and awakened belly dance teacher Katie Holland. There's always something moving that happens in Paris. Perhaps the crowd is more expressive, more immersive, they let themselves slide deeper into the spontaneous archetypal theatre that the inner dance can become. Whatever it is, there's always the sense that we're in for a good show when we cross the channel.

This time didn't disappoint.

There was plenty to reflect upon with everything that happened. We had previously speculated that this particular workshop might be called something like; Inner dance - sex and money. given the amount of root fears that had been pushing up from the belly of the beast in our respective fields.

And it felt earthy. It felt like it wanted to be on the ground, in the body, carnal, primal, filled with drums and breathing.

At least that was what I was willing to project onto it.

If you listen well enough, time can often tell you to what extent you're delusional with your intuitions, and how whether you're charismatic projections are simply being absorbed blindly by the audience, feeding back into your own ego, or whether you've actually really tapped into an undercurrent of the general times and are merely articulating it back to anyone who'll listen.

As these spectacles continue I feel less the sense of urgency to project my agenda onto an audience and find myself wanting to listen to the room, to hear their call and respond from the pause between the stimulus and my looping ego reactivity. It feels like my soul yearns for that space at which a real conversation can occur; from a glimpse of emptiness where life simmers beneath the surface as new un-manifest potential waiting to thrum into life through the gap. That agenda is a good one to be taken over by.

Two things stuck out for me. They were good questions.

One of them, externally driven, was about the function of inner dance.