Psych-K; re-organising the semantic network and perceptual structures through the subconscious body.

So, this is for everyone, it’s the Psych-K process I've been revisiting again lately detailed in the worksheets below. Psych-K is an energy psychology technique used to reprogram belief systems within the body's field.

I put together this little booklet a while ago and will be making a video on the subject soon.

It's divided into 5 sheets:

1. Kinesiology introduction

2. Psych-K setup process

3. New Direction balance

4. Resolution balance

5 VAK (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic) representation.

My experience with this process is good. When used in conjunction with EFT, The emotion code, breathwork, variations on matrix re-imprinting, parts integration and IFS, NVC, radical honesty, meditation and inner dance. Each tool brings a different quality and can be used for different functions in tearing down and re-building the perceptual structures that govern your experience of reality. Along with even more physical modalities, exercise, yoga, fasting, lucid dreaming cold water therapy, there’s overlap everywhere and it’s all interwoven.

Many years after creating the site I think I’m finding out this is what perception architecture is really all about; being skilled, knowledgeable and creative with your toolkit to re-orient yourself towards the kind of perceptual structures and psychological alignment that can let a purposeful existence live you.

And you want to do this. It's WORTH doing. It may be the only thing worth doing. If not merely to arrive at the shores of your own stable, grounded centre, and live through the reality of that internal haven, then to avoid the overly chaotic and oppressive tyranny of your own internal hell.

My experience with Psych-K recently has been to give myself to the process, not try to overthink what I'm doing and give it just enough attention to make a difference, simple feedback, observation and adjustment, but not enough attention to cause a problem. Because I’m idiotic and self denigrating and easily get tangled in my own frustrations. I’m NOT a good person to try to fix myself. I AM the problem, so as much as possible I try to stay out of my own way.

I muscle test each day consistently if there's something it would be beneficial to balance, then ask a series of questions and let intuition guide toward the statement that best describes the semantic structure to be called out. I usually do this just after I wake up or just before bed. And I make a habit of it. But also without getting to much up in my own business about needing to be a different person and straining too hard to try to achieve change for the aforementioned reasons.

Change happens most fluidly in the absence of tension. So orient towards that, the absolving of tension, even if through exhaustion, do what you need to do to let the rest be done.

It's mostly a humbling experience to try to flatline beliefs like (recent examples of things I've worked to kill off) "I'm special", "People should treat me the way I want." "It's not ok to be rejected." Things that create a lot of pressure in me and expectation on the world to be how I think it should be.

But I often find that beliefs come in opposites, and it’s these poles that are creating the tension. So for instance, “I am worthy of receiving what I want” and “The world owes me nothing”

‘I am worthy of being treated well” and “People have no obligation to treat me the way I want”

It’s these seeming contradictions that deflect and trap potential energy as pain and suffering within the body. So forget about what the words actually say and focus on dissolving any kind of belief about yourself, other people, or the world at large, that’s creating some kind of expectation of, and tension around reality. It’s YOU that is the problem, and because you think you are who you think you are maybe you’re not willing to give that up so easily. Because the implication of that is death. And it IS death, so that’s scary, so you avoid it. And that’s the problem. Nothing changes or gets transformed, and you create the distraction of you trying to solve the problem of you like a tail chasing dog to avoid the necessity of death and subsequent rebirth. Don’t get caught up in that. Deconstructing yourself intentionally allows a new you to grow organically up the centre. And that’s MUCH better, believe me. So get out of the way.

I usually ask a series of questions to determine what I should balance:

  1. Is this belief about myself? (I’m a terrible person and everyone else is better than me)

  2. Is this belief about other people? (Other people are terrible people and I’m better than them)

  3. Is this belief about the world at large? (the world is terrible and here to screw me up)

Then I’ll go a bit more in depth;

  1. Is this related to Work/purpose/mission?

  2. Is this related to relationships?

  3. Is this related to personal finance?

  4. Is this related to health and physical appearance

  5. Etc.

And so on, toward any area of your life that comes to mind. And you DO want to pay attention to what comes to mind, your body leads you there by throwing up symbols and words and thoughts. Trust what arrives as a next step in the process of uncovering what you’re looking for.

Also, it might not be related to anything. It could be a general belief that you’re filtering many area’s through, like “the world is against me”. So be open for that.

Once you have the statement that best articulates what you’re body is holding as a belief (And you can test for this - (Is this the optimal articulation for this balance?) then you can move onto the process.

The experience itself could be characterised by the release of tension into relaxation, I often find my body mind straining and struggling for something when I begin to focus on the belief and I invite both sides of that struggle in, plus any other meta layers of judgements and resistance. I also invite in (as opposed to resisting and therefore feeding) ideas that somehow this is about me, and a personal identity thing, as that has potential to make things clingy.

You’ll know when something has changed because you’ll feel it. Often I notice my mind wanders to an unrelated subject right before I feel a sharp drop in my solar plexus and my breathing starts coming on like small waves hitting a shoreline, It’s probable on me saying this you’ll be waiting for something to happen, and that will slow everything down. So orient yourself towards focused normal breathing, relaxing inch by inch, repeating the statements and being curious about the path your mind wanders down to find it’s key. It may not, and often doesn’t make any conscious logical sense, the symbols and representative characters/archetypes/situations it throws up may not appear to be connected, but it’s like, what the hell do you know about how your brain works anyway? Better to cultivate the humility to get out of the way, give it space and let it do its thing, it will get you there, and you may even learn to develop a relationship with yourself grounded in honesty and trust from the process. Which is a really REALLY good thing.

I try to flatline ALL beliefs as that’s what releases the tension and opens up a relaxed space for something much bigger and much more intelligent than you to re-order things in a way that has ultimate utility. Like, on one level it’s not about what “I” want. Who the hell cares what I want? What makes me so goddamn special? I’m a tiny ripple flapping around on a vast and infinite ocean, and that’s fine. I don’t need to be a precious snowflake and always get my way, because you know, what the hell do I know about what I want or what’s good for me anyway? Then on another level, Ok, I am also the ocean; what I want and am pulled towards IS important, it HAS ultimate utility as my internal guidance and compass that draws me in tandem with the role I’m best suited to play in this cosmic drama. And the more I throw myself totally into that role, embracing my hearts desires the greater I open up my capacity to channel heaven through this material vessel for both myself and others. And that’s a GOOD THING! Why not orient yourself towards heaven and away from hell? What the hell else are you gonna do with your short and brutal time here anyway? So both sides hold truth.

That’s around about it. Keen to hear feedback and any points that people want expanding on. Or if people want to be walked through the process, A video is coming soon and obviously am available for privates.

Best of luck, and thanks again for your time and attention!