Information is food is information

Interesting perspective from JP Rangswami on the treating information as food, the speaker draws comparisons between the way information has been cultivated in todays world and the agricultural revolution, and how the patterns are the same. He talks about how the issue is never in production, but rather in consumption, and the need to curtail our information diets into a kind of healthy eating plan.

Studies by Leslie Aiello have suggested that nervous tissue (brain) and digestive tissue are expensive tissues, as in they cost a lot in upkeep, and usually a balance has to be struck between the two; more digestive tissue is produced at the cost of less nervous tissue; so eating a lot costs your brain. For anyone who's experimented with fasting, you can observe this effect in realtime. after the initial fug of emotionally related food cravings, things start to appear crystal clear. Information, inspiration and being to ripple through your system and your capacity to synthesise it receives an electric amplification.

So what WOULD happen if you spent a supersize month watching fox news? Or even any news? Certainly the internet has opened up a plethora of informatory fast food resources you're pretty much plugged into every day, including a swamp of inane details about people's personal lives from social media (which you probably got to this article from, so, nicely navigated).

But It's something I consider when I'm digesting radio 6, after a great tune and interesting conversation - some kind of nutrient dense sound formation, gets interrupted by the news; somebody's done something terrible and somebody else is outraged. This isn't news, as in it's the equivalent of eating a pot noodle and a can of coke; a superficially compelling taste, but at a net negative, it takes more energy from you than it offers. It costs to carry around this kind of information in a brain structure that has limited capacity. If your hard drive is full of junk (which yours is, mostly from the past, with some speculative concern about the future) then it's functionality and agility is going to be compromised. And you wont be in the process of creating a life in the image of your ideals, but rather a life in the image of your habitual information consumption.

And its worth considering, (at least it has been for me lately) that you DO want to be involved in the process of creating a life in the image of your ideals. Why? Because it will be wonderful? Because you're a special snowflake and deserve the life you want? Well, maybe if you want. But much more motivating is that a sincere attempt at this, even without attainment, is the thing that saves you from bitterness, resentment, the hell of aimless existential chaos and your own psychopathy.

It's your responsibility actually to other people, as well as yourself to work at creating a life shaped in your ideals and set yourself up with everything you need to prevent yourself from the tyranny of your own psycho-biology, its hard to hold the burden bitterness and resentment without tipping over the edge into malevolence. And that's not a good place for anyone.

Makes sense.