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Thoughts on Internal Family systems & Proper personal Orientation

Internal family systems (IFS) is a type of reconciliatory therapy that deals with the ins and outs of the dissociated psyche. It's actually a modality not to dissimilar to NLP parts as far as I can tell, it's aim is to get through the meta layers and echo's of protectors and exiled parts to the authentic self, a serene, tranquil and all encompassing presence which operates through no judgement or agenda, no force of attraction or repulsion to any particular outcome, it's de-magnetised, and since according to Jim self, thoughts are electric and emotions are magnetic, and beliefs being patterns of light held together in that electro magnetic field, the self that you're connecting with through IFS is a self that is outside of your own personal electro magnetic perceptual field, it's realtime consciousness, or what might be called that highly controversial "God" word. But likely to be represented and communicated through a kind of symbology that is relevant to you. Say for instance, it might be a vision of an older wiser you, or some kind of ideal self image.

From this centre of self you then mediate and facilitate all the different parts in conflict, the exiled parts that reside in sadness and fear, the protective parts that seek to distract you and move you away from feeling the pain of those exiled parts.

It reminded me of a timeline practice I used to conduct with people in my early energy psychology days: I would muscle test to see which position, appropriate to the goal of the session the arms and legs should be crossed. This is a yogic position but is also borrowed from the energy psychology technique psych-K, who's primary concern is re-balancing belief statements within your semantic network. According to Rob Williams the founder, the position reverses the polarity of the body's electro magnetic field and opens channels of communication between the brain hemispheres. And so by muscle testing for the optimal position, you're opening internal channels lines of communication that are usually closed. We'd then move forward in time to a find a version of the self in the image of actualisation. Some kind of all knowing, wisdom exuding, archetypal demi-god, and then bring that self back to find the exiled parts still languishing in the pain of the dissociated past. As dialogue opened across the dimensions of past and future, I'd often be able to observe people's physiology collapsing into the present. and tension disappearing around a particular issue.

I felt it important even back then not to confuse symbol with reality, and not to take these past and future selves as literal, prophetic realities, but more to look at the visual capacity of the mind as an interface, like symbols on a computer screen that provide the illusion of something solid happening, but actually similar to actions performed on a computer screen are merely facilitating the movement of an energetic information exchange, releasing potential energy (pain and stuckness) into kinetic energy (life force and flow).

Anyhow as you'll see in the video I draw a comparison between the finding of the Authentic self outside the meta layers of polarised selves, akin to shifting identification from a messy and volatile ricochet between different planets and moons to finding identification with the sun, which operates on its own smoother, broader, more meaningful wavelength, pulling the chaotic harmonic of the orbiting planets along with it.

this relates to proper orientation and meaning in the way that you don't need to get caught up with, and between the dizzying orbit of the individual planets, they'll do what they need to do, and it can be a great show, if you're watching from the centre of the constellation, the energy radiating orb of the sun. Which through heliocentric modelling can be seen to be operating on it's own purposeful orientation around the centre of the galaxy. Which is a black hole.

Who the hell knows what happens if you start identifying with the centre of the galaxy. That'd be mad.

Anyway. IFS seems like useful tool to add the belt on this journey of energetic alchemy.

Would be interested to hear feedback and any personal experiences with this.

Until next time,


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