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Discovering Patreon

I recently discovered this site, as is much the way with these things, probably most people discovered it years ago and have been using it to display the best of their creativity and being rewarded with cash money, by patrons who value their services and contributions to humanity.

So I joined the ship and put up a page where I'll be bringing some of my best content. I'll still be posting here a lot too, probably even dual posting, I'm figuring this out so will see how it all falls together, but I've been getting a flattering amount of requests from people asking me for some time now how they can contribute to the work I'm doing.

You can give me cash money and I can give you entertainment, insight, musical mixes, breathwork and plenty of other strange concepts from my journeys into the psychology of being.

When you find something you love, let it pull you through the obstacles you set up to train your own resilience. The obstacle is the way, wherever there's fear, your treasure resides. Go forth and understand who you are and why you're here. And I'll endeavour to keep bring you maps for the journey.

Big love all ❤️ 👊😎👍

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