Inner Dance Breathwork Autumn fitness, immersion and facilitator training & New website!

So here are the dates for the Autumn Inner dance breathwork immersion and facilitator training.

5th - 9th Sept 2018

I put them in big letters so that they're obvious and memorable.

We're excited about this one. It will include fitness, meditation, natural lake swimming (yay!) sauna's and plenty of psychotropic self inquiry. Plus we have an excellent chef who's going to be whipping you up some of the best nutritionally optimised grub around.

You should leave feeling fit, healthy, mentally strong and emotionally satiated with clarity around your own direction and ability to facilitate yourself and others in Inner dance breathwork!

Sounds like a good deal. Well, yea. Obviously we would say that. But also it actually is. Which we'd probably say too, but, you know. It's still good.

I wanted the emphasis on this retreat not just to be about the inner dance process, but priming the body for the experience, which includes exercise, meditation and lovingly prepared, health optimising, nutritionally focused food (LPHONFF). Inner dance takes you to the cosmos, but its utility comes when it can be met from the ground, which means being in the body, becoming mentally and physically strong, and honing a structure in which the kind of consciousness inner dance activates can be effective through.

Check the link here for our new site to book.

Or if you're having trouble because our website is new and still being debugged, then you can also book on

And if you did manage to get through on the first link you'll have noticed that we do indeed have a new site!