The day that shall forever be known as Jan 4th 2018 - Part 2

We pick up the story again here at Lyon airport...

Eventually we score the fleet of busses we’ve been promised and it’s late. I’ve opted the shorter less stress route to Lausanne via Geneva to meet a friend there and travel onwards the following day. The journey to Geneva is uneventful bar one child who vents for the collective while it’s mother tries to hush it and the man behind me mutters at them under his breath.

We’ve all had a bad day. But I notice no anger in me. At what should I direct it anyway? The wind? Easyjet? It’s just one of those things innit, we’re alive, they did what they had to and are doing their best to do the rest. The crying child? The mother? No chance. Instead I feel compassion, and then inwardly happy about that, then almost to the degree of smugness about my spiritual progress, which kind of kills it. But I’m ok. And it’s ok.