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From the mountains

Winter is coming here. Its strange to watch the snow line descending and receding day by day on a steady meander down the mountains. The trees gripped with frost and the ground powdered white. Observing one world consume another. The cold fronts rip through a worn out identity. Shedding a decade of tropical skin to find the fire within. In tandem, one self consumes the other. Day by day the lake gets steadily colder. The glacier water filters in through the streams.

The feeling of the cold as it draws in, kisses the skin, icy water reaching the waist line, head under and up again, watching the breath crystallise above that water's surface. Muscles tingle and contract. Must move arms, and forward into the abyss the body lurches, outward, over the precipice of dark water. Breath finds rhythm and strokes. Body numb and spirit rich. Under eyes open, retinas frozen, 4, 5, 6 stroke, jettison the air in cheeks. Bust through the surface a new. Internal thermostat adjusts. life ignites within.

On exiting the lake, the body craves nothing. I set it to movements, pushing, pulling, jumping sprinting. Utilise the opening.

Return to cabin, Wood in the stove, flames engulf dead wood, energy shifts form, Alchemy and heat.

Then the work begins.

This depicts a typical morning of life in the mountains. the days go by fast yet the weeks slow. Working together, eating, meditating, discussing, dancing, forward facing, presence pacing, carefully the work is done, and slowly what's emerging, from internal purging and hibernation, shall be seen on the other side, of the winter tide.

I like it here. There's a connection to the kind of I being forged and carved and fed and starved. Think less, beard more. There's not much knowing of who it's becoming, but it feels. It's real, and that appeals, to some sense inside.

Before we get too carried away on flinging ourselves head first into our own winter, cocooning and hibernation, there's a final roll of the dice for this season, back in the motherland, a 3 day immersion in Leicester with Katie Holland starting friday for those wishing to brave the depths of their own madness. Thanks to all in attendance. Am spectacularly grateful to be meeting you and sharing this journey of music movement and breathwork medicine.

Love and cheers to all ❤️

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