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ID Immersion

I'm excited about this, a lot of work has been going into the exercises, the music, the flow and structure of this event. Following the successes of the Portugal and Greece festivals this summer, this is a refined and deeper version of the stuff that really works to cut through the mental noise and get into the body for some deep emotional and psychological processing. Am also excited to be working with Katie who played a leading role in bringing Inner dance to the UK. This is an inner dance immersion weekend to be held on the 10th 11th and 12th of November near Leicester.

There are 10 spaces available this time. We wanted to keep this group an intimate one and go into some depth. They're at an Earlybird cash money cost of £195 and a later bird cost of £235.

- This includes Lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

- Plus access to the tailored breathwork mix tracks used in the sessions.

You can read the spiel about it here:

"This is a 3 day Immersion designed to cut a line of inquiry through layers of mental noise and get to the core of the self using the modalities of inner dance, breathwork and natural movement.

As a guide - this weekend is be deliberately quite emotionally intense, and fairly physical. It will take you far outside your considered self, which can in turn create dramatic shifts and realignments in your perceptions as splintered parts of the psyche become re-integrated.

The process is designed to leave you a more whole human being, which often means going to places within that are challenging. So it ought to be understood that it’s not for everyone, and those that do attend be aware enough that they’re in full control of their own process at all times, and responsible for how deep they wish to go. But we can assure you you will not leave the same person that walked in.

The weekend will involve 5 inner dance sessions in total. 3 of them utilising carefully designed breathwork and musical scores to cut through the denser layers. With natural movement based physical tasks to trigger and stimulate the edges of the comfort zone, then mat time and sharing exercises to process and integrate what's come up.

Check the events page here

And meetup here

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