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Zendoodle theraputic dreamspace

From our first meet we saw what was possible, a therapeutic dream-space to soften the edges of life in a sharp city, psychedelic light shows, candles, lo fi tunes underneath a lecture by Alan Watts on the architecture of insecurity, strawberries with raw chocolate fondue! and of course, mapping the inner world through the creative art form of Zen sketching. There was a certain meditative magic in listening to the sound of multiple points of graphite scoring the paper. And although zen sketching is not something you can do wrong, there's a progression in your ability to express what's inside, and a sense of satisfaction in being able to observe and explore it, what does it reveal about where you're at right now?

There was for us a deep gratitude from all in sharing that space. So we're back again this month to continue the journey. And looking forward to meeting you there :)

A couple of links to our second Zendoodle event


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