IDB review from Wivenhoe reflexology!

After our first IDBUK session in Wivenhoe last weekend, Wivenhoe reflexology was kind enough to review the experience. It was an interesting one for me personally to see how the British crowd reacted to the session, there were a lot of times I was wondering if people were "getting it"as the process itself requires an ability to give yourself to the process of yourself, meaning letting go of the body and letting it flow with its own subtle inclinations effectively, move, breathe, shake, shout, cry, laugh, even dance if that's what is being called. Not always easy for a society that has manners, politeness and a proper way to act so deeply ingrained in the collective cultural psyche.

Then there's the process of observation that aims to alchemise self consciousness into self awareness. It was different with English people in England (as opposed to those I've done with abroad) there was a bit more anxiety here about whether it was being done right. It helped me learn to put a greater emphasis on permissions to open up the body completely in future sessions and tailor the introductions to that effect as IDB evolves to find it right audience.

I was very touched by the sincerity of the participants, it helped me understand better where I might be of some use to people here; perhaps in helping bring about a dialogue that peels back layers restricting the body's free-flow of movement and the extent of i