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La Leyenda Del Dj Frankie Wilde Torrent ragwak




Research about La Leyenda Del Dj Frankie Wilde - ‎(2004) · ‎(Region 2) · ‎No Us Format at  Frankie Wilde is - Douglas Wilde is a private detective who is desperate for a good case. His only client is his former boss, Margo Brighetti, who is having difficulty recovering from the assassination attempt of Frankie's previous colleague, David Fry. In addition to being a former television star, Margo has become a political activist in New York City, where she seeks to expose the corruption of the city's political system. Margo asks Frankie to look into the political activities of Bruno, the landlord who has been evicting her from her apartment and placing her on the street, in the hope that his political connections will help Margo regain her apartment. Frankie obtains access to Bruno's political files and discovers that Bruno has ties with a group called The Order. Although he does not believe that Bruno is working with The Order, he is unable to find any evidence to prove Bruno's involvement in criminal activity. After Bruno follows Frankie to an appointment at Margo's apartment building, Margo throws him out, leaving him with no money and no place to live. She also refuses to pay him for his services. In the meantime, David Fry is recovering from his shooting and is happy to see Margo, who is, by her own admission, the only person who believes that he is telling the truth when he says that he did not kill Hamilton. Frankie admits to David that he is in fact investigating him. He explains that he wants David to help him find the man who ordered the hit on Hamilton, as Frankie had no choice but to kill the suspect in self-defense. He also asks David to give him a list of people who want Margo's political career destroyed, as well as the contact information for these people, in order to prevent Margo from being killed by The Order. At the meeting, Margo receives a message from The Order. The message, which is cut off by David, is an invitation to a meeting at "La Leyenda del Dj Frankie Wilde". When Frankie arrives at the meeting, he is greeted by Bruno and Jason, a hitman. While they wait for Margo, the other guests arrive. Many of the members of The Order are there, including Theo, a long-time friend of Bruno's, and Natasha, a young girl who was in attendance at the meeting with Bruno. By the time Margo and David




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La Leyenda Del Dj Frankie Wilde Torrent ragwak

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