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"What is that man doing with that giraffe?"

Give us 5 minutes and we'll take you briefly through the modalities to give you a better understanding of what's behind the man and the giraffe. If you already know what this is about and want to book a private session, click here.

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique 


Emotional freedom technique, EFT or "Tapping" as it's often referred to, combines the wisdom of Ancient Chinese medicine with the accumulated knowledge of western psychological inquiry.

It uses accupressure points on the body, stimulating them with the fingers in a tapping (or massaging) motion while using a protocol for psychological inquiry to bring the feeling to the surface of the conscious mind, and more importantly the body.

Stimulation of the body's meridian pathways while the emotion is being surfaced, sends a message to the Amygdala (the part of the brain that regulates the body's fight or flight response) depressing the body's sympathetic nervous system (adrenal response - pumping blood to the limbs) and activating the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest - restoring blood back to the organs) balancing the emotional charge (magnetism) from the thoughts (electrical signals) and restoring balance to the body's electro magnetic field where all perceptions are held. 

We realise this may all sound a bit space age, you would be forgiven for skepticism, but we're trying to highlight that there is some frontier science behind these methods. Put into a lay perspective its like hitting the relax buttons while you activate the stress buttons, so you can neutralise the tension.

And not only has it worked time and time again for us and pretty much everyone we've introduced it to, it's also convinced the Daily Mail who generally hate anything foreign, physical or conceptual. 

So for us that's a result.

There's plenty of literature out there about what tapping is and what it does, some good resources can be found with our friends over at the EFT Centre London

Personally our experience with it and the way we use it, would fall under the "Tapping" category, as EFT has quite a specific formula (which can be found in this manual) and through experience we've found effective psychotherapy to be a blend of concepts a bit like a workers toolbox or an artists palette, that requires a different tool or colour to fit different situations. And so we also use different types of visualisations, Provocative energy therapy, Matrix reimprinting and various meditation techniques that have proved effective on our journey to navigate the psyche and integrate the root of the conflict within. 

Below are some testimonials from survivors of Typhoon Yolanda from the mission Empowering the Philippines organised by Sebastiaan Van Der Schrier over at social Anxiety solutions on the effects of tapping working with PTSD

You can check out some of our own EFT Tapping videos for various ailments we've worked with below.

If you're interested in this you can find more video's here.

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