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01 1-to-1 Coaching

My one to one personal coaching sessions are available online or in person, you can find more details on the coaching page here

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02 Breathwork Sessions

Individual Inner Dance Breathwork and Conscious Trance Breathwork sessions available as experiences for companies, private groups or festivals. These include an introduction to the techniques, an experience of a session, debrief and sharing afterwards with some takeaways on how to work with your breath to regulate with emotional states.


03 Inner Dance Breathwork Immersions

Inner dance breathwork immersions for you to work through your personal issues with the support of a facilitator and group. These are multi day events where we often do a couple of sessions a day with time for sharing and group processing, plus group coaching helping you make sense of what you find on your journeys and how integrate it into daily life.


04 Inner Dance Breathwork Facilitator Trainings

These are multi day events often combined with immersions, on how to hold inner dance and inner dance breathwork sessions for yourself and for clients.

We go into the mechanics and theory of inner dance, building playlists and the wave structure, breathwork techniques, nervous system basics and trauma awareness, session structure, communications, sharing circles and more.

Center Gradient Transparent


Upcoming retreats

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This will be a 10 day retreat at the Zeniyo space near hamb

01 Hamburg Immersion & Facilitator training

02 Singapore, Malaysia & Taipei

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mana breathing

01 Bahay Kalipay & Maia eco village -   


03 Nepal


04 UK Leicester Facilitator trainings 1 & 2

05 Paris Facilitator trainings 1, 2 & 3

06 Portugal  - Being gathering

07 Greece  - Sound and Silence festival