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​What is Embodiment coaching?

Embodiment coaching uses the body to affect changes in the nervous system, to make changes in the brain.

The field of embodiment


n small groups. I help them explore and understand themselves and their behaviours, develop awareness and self acceptance, communicate effectively, and reconnect the dots for emotional autonomy, individual sovereignty and a sense of personal power.

I help people

I helps people



I work with people 1 on 1, in couples, or in small groups. I help them explore and understand themselves and their behaviours, develop awareness and self acceptance, communicate effectively, and reconnect the dots for emotional autonomy, individual sovereignty and a sense of personal power.


Who do I work with?

Often I coach people who have experienced things that have come up for them during breathwork sessions, Although I also coach a number of people who are struggling with everyday issues in their lives around not feeling good enough, struggling with lack of self worth and people pleasing, are having communication issues, difficulty showing up for themselves or would like to develop their presence. I also work with people who have experienced something traumatic and are seeking to integrate their experience and men who want to become more integrated males.

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01 Meditation

The practice of observation and body/mind awareness.


One of the core principles of integrative coaching is the ability to observe, and cultivating the kind of body awareness that allows you to really know yourself intimately, the practice of creating spaces within from which you can watch the sensations of your mind and body is foundational. The practice takes its base from, although not limited to, Vipassanā style meditation, a non secular form of training for body/mind awareness. It also includes creative visualisations to communicate directly with the subconscious.

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What do I work with?

Over the last decade working with people from all walks of life, and going through many processes myself, I've found the tools below to largely be the ones that have produced changes in my own and other people's lives most effectively. They're not the only ones, but ultimately what I find people are often looking for is connection. And when that can be felt at the deeper levels of consciousness, this is when they enter into a transformational space, the tools melt away, life takes over and the shifts can be described as 'magic'.

Here are some of the ways I find most effective to enter that space:

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The practice of breath manipulation to access and control emotional states and alternative states of consciousness


Breathwork is one of the keys to unlocking alternative states of consciousness within us, it energises and detoxifies the body. For every emotional state there is a corresponding breath pattern. Once we can observe and understand this, the ability to access emotional states at will and alternative states of consciousness becomes something we can learn. Non ordinary states of consciousness are also a feature of breathwork. These are useful places to observe our sticking points from to gain a different perspective and insight.

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Energy psychology

Body oriented and creative visual approach to integrating the psyche.


Energy psychology is the umbrella term used to describe a variety of techniques and modalities that work with the mind on a somatic level. This means they work between the body and the mind, to get deeper into the subconscious where dissociated and unintegrated emotional energy might be stuck. It incorporates elements of, but is not limited to; EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), IFS (Internal Family Systems) Matrix re-imprinting, The Emotion Code, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing), TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) and Psych-k

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Understanding and changing the language that guides your experience of relating with yourself and others.

Language is the structure with which we create a container for our experience. By working on and training our communication internally and externally we can begin to perceive things differently and lay the semantic structures for us to be able to live in a a more self supportive way. With good communication comes the ability to make order from the chaos of the internal world, with clear boundaries to channel and manage your energy properly for more compassionate and joyful living. This in turn allows you to focus yourself better and drastically improves your relationships.  Communication practices within integrative coaching include, but are not limited to; Neuro linguistic programming, Non violent communication, Inner Dialogue (a meditative practice) and intention setting (communication with a greater power).

IS it like therapy?

There are similarities, All of the techniques can have therapeutic effects. 

Although a lot of what's being used differs from traditional talk therapy in that it usually works more directly with the body in the present moment which is where most of the emotional processing takes place.

What are the effects?

People generally report a deeper sense of relaxation and peace, more self acceptance and feelings of freedom, no longer being controlled by their patterns. A sense of feeling more whole with the ability to be more present. Past patterns become integrated and no longer run behaviours that project themselves into the future. People don't run out of problems, but the quality of them increases, and the way they're able to respond tends to be less reactive and more responsive.

Are there any side effects?

Sometimes emotions can be in process for a day or two afterwards, and so occasionally people report minor emotional discomfort arising within the days following a session. But generally it passes quickly and can easily be remedied with rest and drinking plenty of water following a session. Once emotional tension has been released by the cells, the effect can be similar to that of detoxing. And so a continued practice of breathwork, movement and fluids helps the body to move anything that has been stuck through the lymphatic system toward elimination.

How quickly does it work?

Positive effects can often be felt very quickly, although a lot depends on the clients commitment to the process. Larger issues can take time, In the same way you'd go to the gym, you wouldn't expect results overnight.

Like everything this isn't a silver bullet, but for those willing to put in the work, coaching can be an invaluable resource in their journey. 

How Long does it last?

The changes made within sessions are often lasting, although your psychology is best construed not as something static but more like a garden; this approach deals with weeds, cultivating the soil and planting seeds, but ultimately its the regular maintenance and upkeep that will ensure lasting results. 

Can it be done online?

Yes, it can be conducted online or in person. Online sessions are done through Skype or Zoom and both types of sessions typically last an hour.

how much does it cost?

I work on a sliding scale from $75 to $250 per individual sessions to accommodate different income needs. I tend to ask for payments up front for the month, although if this is a problem we can talk further.

For couples or small groups contact me and we can talk privately.

What about session timings?

Individual sessions are roughly an 1 hour 15 mins, couples sessions are roughly 1 hour 45 mins, and small group sessions vary.

I generally try to encourage people to establish a regular session time schedule, this can be weekly, several times a week or several times a month depending on the need, but I do this as it's part of helping regulate the nervous system, so it begins to reestablish a natural rhythm.

If you would like more details, you can fill in the contact form here, and ask questions to see if coaching is for you. 

Contact me

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